The Valley of Peace

Brindavan’ is the Ashram of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba located near Whitefield, a suburb of Bangalore. The Ashram is 24 km from the centre of Bangalore city and is located adjacent to the Whitefield Railway Station. It was inaugurated by Bhagawan Baba on 25th June, 1960.

Reaching Brindavan

Brindavan Ashram is located in Whitefield, a suburb of Bangalore, which is one of the major cities in India. Hence, it enjoys easy access by road, rail and air.

By Road

Brindavan is about 24 km commute by road from Bangalore City Central Bus station. There are direct town buses plying from the Central Bus station at ‘Majestic’ circle and also from the City Market and Shivaji Nagar to Baba’s ashram at Brindavan (Kadugodi Village), the timings of which are given below:

Buses from Majestic
Bus Nos 333E, 319 C
Buses from City Market
Bus Nos 319, 321, 322, 326
Buses from Shivaji Nagar
Bus Nos 331, 331E

By Train

The Whitefield railway station with all-India computerized booking facility is situated a few meters away from the Ashram. Local trains and a few long distance trains halt at Whitefield. Bangalore City railway station is situated about 25 km away from the Ashram. For more information regarding railway services, please visit

By Air

The Bangalore International airport is located 34 km from Brindavan.

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