Prasanthi Nilayam

Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

Deliberating on Love

Prasanthi Nilayam’s spiritual workshop is on, with the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation taking the lead to reach out the masses with the best of the Sai spiritual practices. This evening’s topic was based on one of Swami’s famous triune axioms on Love. Start The Day With Love, Fill The Day With Love, End The Day with Love.

Commencing the proceedings Sri Tribhuvan Sachdeva, an alumnus of SSSIHL, currently an official with the SSSSO – MP, presented a brief narration of the ensuing session, narrating the magical significance.

Speaking on the first topic, Sri Sundar Anantharaman, Dt. President, SSSSO, Bengaluru West lucidly elaborated on the theme Start The Day With Love. Calling love as an energy, classifying the three types of love that Bhagawan has identified and elaborated, that being Swartha Prema (selfish love), Anyonya Prema (mutual give and take type of love), Parartha or Paramartha Prema (selfless love), the speaker advocated the last one for all, that being flawless like that of Sunlight, most unconditional. How do we commence our day with Love? Flowing on, the speaker narrated the sadhana route, starting with the morning prayer facing the palm, Karagre Vasathe Lakshmi…’, following up with Aumkar for 21 times. Demonstrating the intricacies of AUM chanting as taught by Bhagawan in detail, the speaker engaged the audience to follow and perfect the art. Elaborating on the third sadhana in the auspicious morning, Sri Sathya Sai Suprabhatam, Sri Sundar explained the significance of the same, diverting next to the important topic of Jyoti (light) Meditation, demonstrating the same with the audience following suit.

Sri Vijay Krishnan, an alumnus from SSSIHL, deliberated next on the second topic for the session, Fill The Day With Love. If we, the devotees, have a choice to be a spiritual person, then this act means filling every moment with love, said the illustrious speaker stressing on the importance of changing the perspective. Narrating the Mahabharata incident of Arjuna’s change in perception, the speaker voiced the greater clarity that it is the association that makes the difference, and association with Bhagawan is the biggest gift we have been fortuned with. We are blessed to have the Destination ItSelf as our Guide. In conclusion Sri Vijaya Krishnan said, we have one single choice, that being what we want, that is… ‘Swami I Need You’.

Elucidating on the final phase of the triune message, End The Day With Love, Sri Brijesh Bamalwa, State Youth Coordinator from West Bengal, spoke of the finest of the love that the creation has ever witnessed, that of Mother Radha towards her Source n’ Force, Bhagawan Sri Krishna. True Love is the love for God, affirmed the speaker, posing the question, how do we realise this stage? Talking on His prescription, he elaborated on the sadhana required, sounding on the devil of smart phones and social network mania, poisoning the present day generation. In our quest for being online, we have lost our inner connectivity, confessed the speaker, stressing on the absolute need to listen to the voice within before getting to bed. Mass chanting of ‘Kara Charanam Kritam Vaak…’ followed for a while next.

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Brijesh finally spoke on importance of Self Audit, advocating on the need for a spiritual account, a balance sheet at the end of the day. Hands, heart and head should be in sync sounded the speaker concluding most beautifully, saying let’s lose ourselves in the beautiful lap of Mother Sai, listening to Sohum…Sohum… meaning I Am…I Am Sai!

Sri Murali Jaju, National Spiritual Coordinator for SSSSO, speaking in Hindi, summarised the session touching upon the salient points of the day’s topic. All that we have ever experienced with Swami and in His Presence is nothing but LOVE…LOVE…LOVE!, he said with easing conviction, touching upon the triune points of discussion in nutshell. Once we leave our problems with Bhagawan, in His Hand, we need to rest in peace. When problems come to us, give them appointment between 5 and 5:30 and when at 5 pm you are troubled by the problems, sit with Me, affirming that ‘My Swami is bigger than my problem’, narrated the speaker sharing with the audience one of the tips given by Bhagawan.

A theme song on LOVE, Prem Aadhaar Hey… in Hindi followed net.

Bhajans continued and the curtains for the day came to a close with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu
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