Prasanthi Nilayam

Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

Unique ‘Bond Of Love’ in the New Year Evening…

Post a meaningful pause of ‘sailence’, Bhagawan in the year 2000 had a unique blessing for the old student fraternity of men, to transform the otherwise ‘happy new year’ into ‘Blissful New Year’, feasting the same in His matchless, priceless Presence. It has been two-decade since, and all through, the Prasanthi New Year has been shining with an extra brilliance of the unmatched Sai aura. …And thus, rightly, the ‘New Year’ every year became a true ‘Home-Coming’ for the fraternity of Sai students.

Connecting a bridge across time spanning over five decades, alumni of Sri Sathya Sai institutions in sizeable numbers join every year, making the event a solemnly beautiful one, true Bond of Love.

Continuing with the celebration spree, this evening, the session commenced at 1640 hrs with palanquin procession, symbolically ushering in Bhagawan with Vedic incantation. After the regular Rudram chanting, the slow march past ‘flag-bearing’ squad offered salutations to The Master at the Sanctum Sanctorum, marching unto Him slow and steady, diligent, disciplined and resolute. The slow march is s customary salute to the Master, a guard of honour, reporting the presence to Bhagawan. A brief spell of ‘heartfelt’ offerings ensued that included cards, Vidyullekha magazine, ‘Bridge Across Time’ bhajan CD, a collection of video of the seva activities by the alumni across the globe, etc.

Prasanthi Dance Troupe next offered three distinct offerings, titled ‘Sai Nuthi – Madhura Smruthi’. First piece set to the tune of ‘Anandam Thava Darshanam…’ was on the ‘Beauty O’ Bliss’ Divine Sai Darshanam, followed by the next one, to the tune of ‘Maa Ammavu Nee Amma Sai Jagat Janani…’ on the theme ‘Mother Of Infinite Love’. The final piece was on the thematic after ‘Sathya Sai Sanathana Sarathi’ set to the tune of ‘Swarna Rathamupai Payaninche Sathya Sai Deva…

Adding to the twilight’s grandeur, the ‘past masters’ of the illustrious University Brass Band, spreading over 32 batches, took over next, presenting a musical symphony entitled  ‘Tat Tvam Asi’. Covering seven distinct chapters of the illustrious Sathya Sai Storythe presentation connected the Advent of The Lord as Sri Sathya Sai to the final stage of ‘Seeing Sai Within’, traversing through His Story with scintillatingly rollicking musical scores. A true depiction of ‘Sathya Darshanam’ in the very sportive ground of The Master Supreme! Aptly titled ‘Tat Twam Asi’ meaning Thou Art That, the presentation reflected the soul-stirring cry of every jeeva, to become one with Him, Sri Sathya Sai.

Special Birth Day Cakes were offered to Bhagawan next before the final offering of a drama presentation titled ‘The Choice’.

Adapting a story from the time of Lord Krishna, the drama projects the protagonist ‘Adwait’, a cowherd friend of ‘Kaana’ at Gokulam, who would preach about His glories, yet beating hasty retreats after getting confused and almost lost. When man, enmeshed in ‘maya’ seeing the Divine as a human and thus falters in his journey, how can he overcome this, crossing the ‘maya’, thus to be sure of the right choice? Showing Adwait what the right choice is, Lord Krishna ‘recreates’ the famed Sudhama visit to Him. Interacting with Sudhama, Adwait learns that love before logic, heart about head, is what is desired to be on the right path.

Now Adwait, as advised by Krishna, goes along with Uddhava in his mission to meet the gopikas and gopals of Brindavan only to enlighten into greater wisdom, on the soul-stirring pining for Krishna. A casual yet meaningful enquiry about Chinmaya, whom the twin emissaries failed to meet, Krishna gets furious and exiles him until further notice.

Forlorn now, after being left out from a feast at the Prabhasakshetra, Adwait feels lonely, pining deep inside for Krisna, his Kaana. How long can Krishna wait, in presence of a pining soul, pining with soul-stirring passion? Prayaschit and Paschatap overpower Adwait, for his limiting beliefs in his Kaana, not listening to Krishna all the time with absolute faith. …And the answer comes, that ‘The Choice has to be yours and you need to choose Me over others’.

Confusion dispels, as Adwait understands that his ‘Kaana’ and ‘Krishna’ The Lord at Mathura are the one and same. When realisation dawned upon him, Krishna’s Will becomes Adwait’s will and life.  Living every moment happily is passing My test. Happiness is union with God, avers Krishna to the protagonist who now loves to live for Krishna and Krishna alone.

‘Choose to take the first step towards Me and I will carry you on the journey back to Me.’ Lord Krishna’s voice resounds imparting the ultimate wisdom.

Over thousand former students from different parts of the globe have attended this year’s celebrations.

Bhajans continued and the session concluded with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu
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