Sri Sathya Sai District formation by State Government of Andhra Pradesh.

On this historic day, as India celebrates 73rd Republic Day, the State Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced the formation of the Sri Sathya Sai District.
The re-organised political map of Andhra Pradesh has 26 districts in all and Puttaparthi becomes the Headquarters of the newly formed Sri Sathya Sai District.

The geographical size of this district is 7,771 kms and it comprises a population of 17.22 lakhs (1.72 million).

It will also have three revenue divisions: Puttaparthi, Penukonda and Kadiri, supported by 29 Revenue Mandals (13 in Penukonda, 8 in Kadiri and 8 in Puttaparthi).

The Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust expresses its gratitude to the Government of Andhra Pradesh for this thoughtful gesture.

Seven decades ago, Puttaparthi was called as a place which was "stone's throw away from stone age".

Today every stone of Puttaparthi exudes the Pure Love that Bhagawan poured into it for decades together and as a result it shines as a stellar inspiration for selfless service and universal love for the whole world.

For the Sai devotees, this indeed is a heartening moment as we begin the 97th year of His Holy Advent.

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