Buddha Poornima - Day 1 | May 04, 2023

Buddha Poornima Celebrations - Day 1 - Evening | May 04, 2023 As part of the ongoing proceedings of Buddha Poornima celebrations, the monks from the Menri monastery performed the Sacred Dance of Mother Tantra which demonstrates the path of liberation through the characteristic of the dancers wearing black hats with black coverings hanging in front of the eyes. The dance is a means of conveying wisdom related to the path of enlightenment. When an ordained person wears the dress and ornaments of a deity and performs the dance, they dissolve attachment to their own identity and merge with the body, speech, and mind of the enlightened deity. Earlier this evening, Dr Sanjay Agarwal (Zone President, North India, SSSGC) addressed the gathering recollecting fond interactions with Swami.



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