The Long Wait is Over! Prasanthi Mandir Opens on September 27, 2020

Thanks to the prayers of hundreds and thousands of devotees for months and weeks together, in His infinite compassion, Bhagawan has willed that Prasanthi Mandir be open for devotees to soak in the Divine Darshan of Divya Sannidhi from September 27, 2020 onwards.

All are welcome to partake the bliss of being in His presence after the Morning Arathi as well as Evening Arathi from September 27, 2020.

However, for some more time, the Accommodation Office inside the Ashram continues to remain closed.

After the bhajans, devotees will be permitted to be blessed with the darshan of Bhagawan from a distance. The devotees' queue will be in conformance with all social distancing norms.

Let us be grateful to Bhagawan for His immense mercy and pray that soon Prasanthi Nilayam is back with its vibrant glory of filling every heart with undiluted peace and unceasing Love.

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