Panel Discussion | Instrumental Musical Offering Mahila Sadhana Shibir - Feb 25, 2023

The evening session of the second day of the Mahila Sadhana Shibir began with vedam chanting by Sai women of Odisha. This was followed by an insightful and engaging panel discussion on the topic - Swami Mandate for Women in the Sai Mission. This discussion was moderated by Ms Karuna Munshi, Director, Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini and consisted of five senior women from Bhagawan's institutions - Dr Rajeshwari C Patel, Dr Neelam Desai, Ms Sai Sudha Narayanan, Dr U Suma Rao, and Dr Akhila Indurthi. The cultural programme this evening was by the Mahilas from the state of Karnataka and it was a scintillating instrumental music performance by an all-women ensemble consisting of Veena, Flute, Morsing, Ghatam, Violin, and Kanjira. The session ended with bhajans by Brindavan Mahila Bhajan group.



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