Annual Sports and Cultural Meet 2023 | Evening Program | Jan 11, 2023

The evening proceedings of this year's Annual Sports and Cultural Meet were as colourful, and heartening as the morning's. Swami was welcomed to the stadium in a procession led by the Brindavan brass band. The proceedings began with a presentation by the children from the Easwaramma School. Energetic dances, stunts on bicycles, skipping routines and so on were part of the presentation by the school that just celebrated the Golden Jubilee. This was followed by the offerings from the Primary School which were laced with melodious music, colourful costumes and graceful gymnastics. The Nursing College students who followed, presented a Yogasanas drill and a graceful dance of Rasaleela. The final offering of the day was made by the Brindavan Campus, and in the backdrop of the fading daylight, they lit the ground with their glowing Lions and Dragons. A unique percussion ensemble followed, which was synchronised with pulsating lights. The Annual Sports and Cultural meet came to a glittering end with fireworks lighting up the skies in the Hill View stadium. As we applaud the students and staff for their splendid performances throughout the day, we share with all of you glimpses of this evening's proceedings.



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