Sri Sathya Sai Young Messengers | Plenary Session | Dec 02, 2022

Loving Sai Ram and Greetings from Prasanthi Nilayam

More than 3000 Youth Office Bearers of SSSSO, India had assembled for the plenary session in the Poornachandra Auditorium following the morning session in Sai Kulwant hall. After the traditional lamp lighting along with invocatory vedam by the Mahila Youth, the Prasanthi Flag was hoisted by the revered dignitaries. Addressing the Sri Sathya Sai Young Messengers, Sri Nimish Pandya, (AIP, SSSSO, India) emphasised on putting Swami’s teachings into action & working in unison by joining samitis and supporting their activities. He then dwelled upon how SSSSO is an opportunity for self-transformation by strengthening the bond with the Divine & that the youth are the representatives of Bhagawan for taking His message to the world. Swami would often say, “If you do Swami’s work, I will do your work”. Commending their service activities at Prasanthi Nilayam during the pandemic, Sri RJ Rathnakar (Managing Trustee, SSSCT) explained how they took the risk of coming here, surrendering to Swami, when the entire world was brought to a standstill. It’s interesting to note that more than 70% of the audience had not seen Swami physically, yet they are motivated to join the Organisation and in taking His mission forward. Referring to Swami’s quote, 'just as you move towards the light, the shadow fades away, similarly taking steps towards Swami will wade away your problems', he further inspired the audience to take to this journey towards the light, and walk hand in hand. Recalling Swami's words when he was a student, that just as speeding vehicles need brakes, the mind also needs to pause and how this can be achieved through meditation, he further inspired the youth to take part in all the activities organised in the 3-day Sadhana Shibir.

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