Sevadal Security Cabins | Oct 07, 2022

The smooth functioning of the Prasanthi Nilayam Ashram happens because of the silent and selfless dedication of the members of the Sri Sathya Sai Sevadal who come from different parts of the country. They, especially, play an essential role in securing the various entry points, remote locations and allied institutions in Prasanthi Nilayam. To enhance their comfort and safety, the present shelters at these points used by them to stay and carry out their duties have been replaced with better structures. These will offer them a little more comfort and also keep them safe from the weather elements and pests. These were inaugurated and dedicated to Bhagawan this morning by Sri RJ Rathnakar (Managing Trustee, SSSCT). We take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to all members of Sevadal for their selfless service towards the residents of the Ashram and visiting devotees. We pray Swami blesses each one of them and their families profusely.

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